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Online Appointment Scheduling Software
for Efficient Business Management

The Ultimate Solution
for Appointment Management

Calendar, Appointment Management, Marketing Tools and much more.

Physioteraphy Clinics | Assetry

Physiotherapy Clinics

Running a business has never been easier. Take your Clinic to new heights.

Hair Salons | Assetry

Hair Salons

Integral control of your business. Data-driven decision making.

Beauty Centres | Assetry

Beauty Centre

Your beauty centre managed in just a few clicks. Simple and powerful.

Aesthetic Centres | Assetry

Aesthetic Centre

Comprehensive management of your salon in the cloud.

Dental Clinics | Assetry

Dental Clinics

The management of your dental practice at the click of a button.

Spas | Assetry


A full range of functions for 360° management of your spa.

Tattoo Studios

Manage your tattoo center with just a few clicks. Easy and efficient.

Nails Centers | Assetry

Nails Centre

Comprehensive management of your Nail Center in the cloud.

Pyschology Centre

Manage your psychology clinic in just one click, and grow your business.

Nutrition Centre

Running your nutrition clinic has never been easier, more efficient and faster.

Speech Therapy Centre

Your speech therapy clinic run like never before

Medical Centres and Polyclinics

360º management of medical centres and polyclinics at a single click