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About us

Assetry is a Set of Tools
focused on Integrated management

Find out more about us and discover the power of Assetry.

Why we Build it

First of all, Assetry was born because we, as professionals focused on consultancy, management and optimisation of processes in centres and salons, needed a solution of this type.
Each new project we undertook together with the managers and owners of the centres brought with it new frustrations that prevented us from developing the audit and strategic improvement proposals with great difficulty. Every small change had to be analysed manually and the process became tedious, slow and unmanageable.
On the other hand, the lack of flexibility of other tools on the market, or simply an approach that was far removed from the day-to-day reality of the management of the centres, was another major frustration.
As active consultants and auditors, we decided to offer a more accessible, more practical, simpler and easier alternative according to the real needs of the centres.
We sought to improve every step of the improvement process for each centre, and that is exactly what we did.

Years experience

Easy process

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than anything else before

Vision and Mission

We see Assetry as a unique solution for centre owners and managers, enabling them to comprehensively manage all their business needs through a customer-centric approach. Assetry strives to make a significant contribution to the ongoing evolution of facility management on an international scale.

Our mission is to radically simplify the management of each centre by offering a comprehensive suite for your business. We achieve this mission by solving one by one the challenges that we and our network of consultants face at all times.

Assetry aims to become the suite that drives the centres in their adaptation to the new digital reality without friction points. The ecosystem that has developed around Assetry will be part of its growth and strength.

Our goal is to empower web professionals to create powerful and beautiful websites using the most complete all-in-one design solution.

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Assetry is a set of tools focused on integrated management.